OGLSL linking -> Exception during compilation

I’m writing a physical simulation on GPU using OGLSL. The vertex and fragment program compilation works fine but the linking step ( glLinkProgramARB ) takes a really long time ( 15 minutes…) and, when the virtual memory doesn’t “finish” first, gets back the message “C9999: exception during compilation”…

Even if there is a really hight probability of my personal errors however this thing doesn’t seem to me a fully natural behaviour…

I have a 6800 GT with the 71.80 Nvidia’s driver…

Some suggestions???


this thing doesn’t seem to me a fully natural behaviour
Nicely put. :slight_smile:
See here how to report to NVIDIA:

Nvidia compile shaders during linking. This is reason why glCompile… works.

Why app crash during linking… I dont know. I dont have such problems and I have 6800 GT + 71.80. Maybe if you post your shaders here, or piece of code from your app that shows how you do compiling and linking shaders.


thanks relic…Nvidia has recognized it has own compiler’s problem…

Not all features of GLSL are supported by currently avaible ATI/nVidia cards. As I know, gl_FrontFacing, noise1/2/3/4, etc, are not supported by X800 serious nor nVidia 6X series.

For complete support of GLSL, maybe we should count on cards in the future.

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