OGL3.2 & GL_EXT_geometry_shader4

GeForce 9600 GT @ WinXP64 @ 21.11.09 drivers & using OGL 3.2 @ geometry shader (#version 150), gives:

error C7531: global variable gl_PositionIn requires “#extension GL_EXT_geometry_shader4 : enable” before use

Why does it ask for it? Is it not core in 3.2?


Geometry shaders are core 3.2. But it isn’t implemented the way EXT_geometry_shader4 is. The special input variables for geometry shaders are defined in an input layout block called “gl_in”, which is an array. See the GLSL 1.5 specification for more details.

Indeed! (Just recently did read the 1.5 spec from cover-to-cover and looking at the notes of that undertaking - i have noticed that difference and marked it with “???” … just kind of forgot that. x_x)


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