Nvidia 93.50: sampler2d not allowed to be zero anymore

The 93.50 drivers seem to make shaders fail if I set the value of a sampler2d to 0. It seems everything has shifted up to be 1-based indexing.
In other words, if I bind a texture to GL_TEXTURE0, it has to be accessed by setting the sampler2d value to 1. GL_TEXTURE1 becomes 2, etc.etc.
Anyone else found this?

Sounds like a bug, probably post/ask in the nvnews forums http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/.
There is often discussion about drivers there. Some time ago I had the problem that the drivers required compile time constants to be passed as uniforms for the texture units, so

glUniformi(p, 3);

would work but not

int i = MY_TEXTURE_UNIT_4; glUniformi(p, i);

Very weird, or maybe it was just me, but I really tested various different approaches, now this behaviour is gone, probably also been some driver problem.

Hm, I think I used i=GL_TEXTURE_4 and so on those days, but the enum is not 3 so that was likely the problem then.

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