No GLSL support in OpenGL 2.0?

Hello everybody,

i would like to ask you for help, again. I started to learn GLSL, but it seems like i don’t have any rutines for working with shaders. glShaderSource, glShaderSourceARB, glCreateShader - all the other rutines are undefined.

CgSL from nvidia run is quite happy, i have installed cg, cgsl, glew, but i am not able to compile programs that work with GLSL. I am really out of mind, have somebody some idea please?? I have searched internet for 2 days, i haven’t found anything similar.

I have fedora 7, ATI X1300, catalyst driver.

Thank’s in advance.

Best regards
J. Bastek

All entry points for GL above version 1.1 in windows (and 1.2 in linux if I remember well) need to be dynamically retrieved. Normally it is very easy with the help of glew. just call glewInit(); after gl context creation and before calling gl2 functions.
Read this, and subsequent pages, the parts in red are code samples for OpenGL 2.0 :

I use GLee, which does the work for me. There are other libraries like it, and they grab the pointers for you. Just include the .lib and headers from GLee or GLew, and you are good to go.

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