No GL3 and no newsletter yet...

First of all - this topic is NOT meant to be another discussion about upcoming features, DX10 vs GL3 comparison or Windows Vista discussion, so hold your horses, will ya? :wink:

This topic is meand to remind that someone, somewhere wishes to know something more on OpenGL 3.0 specification (implementations?) progress. I’m not expecting to know any exact release date or some new feature descriptions. I just whant to know where are we now. :confused:

We haven’t got a newsletter in ages, and it’s pretty quiet. As I once said - I hope it’s just a silence before the storm.

If anyone can provide us with some information, it would be aprreciated.

Once again, please do not fill this topic with speculations and off-topic discussions. Only information please (or some related questions perhaps).

I hope we get some information in january.
I’m tired of visiting each day and finding nothing about OGL3.0.No newsletter no announcement nothing.It’s well a little disappointing but I’ll keep on waiting.

heh, ditto… every now and then I load up the main page, glance at it and move on :smiley:

Same here. I get excited each time I load up the page, expecting there to be news of GL3. :slight_smile:

im wondering if the silence is cause theyre being held up by something (perhaps a version of the d3dx library)
whilst its great to release everything in one great big shebang (itll prolly be to much to digest at once), i believe its better PR to release a bit at a time, the lack of comunication is pretty weak as well

I think as we haven’t heard from them in a while, that Microsoft has dispatched ninjas to take them out before they can release a DirectX 10 crushing API.


No, Cass from nvidia was implying in mid-december that it won’t be long now and is being actively worked on. Whilst not being anything official, it’s still encouraging to me. Without that nugget I’d be very sceptical now.

Yes, I know. Still, a newsletter would be nice. We were supposed to get one every season and the whole thing suddenly and silently collapsed.
It would be good to know where are we standing now and where are we going to. Nothing detailed or specific is required. I guess something like that: “We’re working on GLSL”, “We’re working on drivers” :cool:, “We’re blackmailing Microsoft to support GL3 on XBox360” :smiley: would be enough.

Of course we do not wish to sound like Donkey asking “Are we there yet?” every 5 minutes. I realize that asking won’t make things go faster and we have to wait anyway. I’m not expecting any promises either.

I’m guessing they want to deliver stable drivers and announce the spec, documents, drivers all at the same time.
Don’t worry guys. This isn’t Feihrenheit.

I think you are being overly optimistic, V-man. I don’t believe we will get decent drivers until at least half a year after a spec release. IMHO, something went terribly wrong there and they are redesigning a large portion of the API.

Come on ARB, give us some feedback - this is getting beyond the joke.

Sure would be nice if this was the case. You would think that to make hard decisions in the production of a new API, that you would have to do some kind of performance testing with real prototype drivers.

At least the Linux drivers should be damn easy.

If you think about it, at least for NVidia’s drivers, the hardware interface is probably 100% or 99% the same as the GL2 stuff that is already functioning right now (GL2 SM4.0 is only missing a few DX10 features). Everything will probably just be a higher level API change in some GL3 interface library. So perhaps a working GL3 could be done fast once the spec is finished.

In any case I’m not holding my breath.

About the only thing that excites me about GL3 is that vendors (again other than NVidia) might actually have working GL drivers which allow you access to features in the hardware which have already been shipping for some time now.

Maybe they want to wait and see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow this year…

Maybe Punxsutawney Phil will set his shadow map to the wrong compare mode and we’ll get an early GL3. =P

Maybe Mr.T hax0red his way into the group and added random glDrawMohawks.

glDrawHohawks? :smiley:

I think it’s the glReleaseSpecs function that threw an exception and crashed the whole system. Someone needs to go there and hit the reset button. :smiley:

Don’t worry. I’ve heard somewhere that “no news is good news” :stuck_out_tongue:

So, you have seen that WoW commercial too :wink:

search on youtube fool!

Maybe they silently dropped OpenGL 3.0 and fear to tell us…

Maybe they silently dropped OpenGL 3.0 and fear to tell us…

I thought they rather dropped something on their data storage (you know, the one with all specs on it) and fear to tell us…

Shall we make jokes now to keep this thread alive, so eventually someone from ARB will respond to it?

This is exactly what I didn’t want - it was supposed to be a short topic - a few simple questions and a few simple answers. I guess, since we have no answers, frustration brings out the worst in us. :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe it got the best of us.

Come on ARB, give us some feedback - this is getting beyond the joke.

If we don’t get an answer this time, we’ll start another topic in 2-3 months. “Beyond the joke” seems suitable name for it. :wink: