My program crash when i use shaders

my program works well on my radeon 9600 but when i execute exactly the same code on my mobility X700 the program crash when a load, compile,… a shader. If i put in commentary the line which load shaders it don’t crash… Can you help me ?

PS: i’m using visual C++ 7 (2003), glut, glew, sdl_image.

It’s not a problem of memory ? Be careful when you load a shader from a file.

i thought it was because my drivers’ version is opengl 1.5 and not 2.0 like on the pc where the program works but somebody told me it wasn’t.
On the first pc where the program works i have 512 Mo of RAM and 128 Mo of video memory, on the other where the program crashes i have 1 Go of RAM and 128 Mo of video memory.
Do you think that it is a problem from drivers ?

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