My first post!

Hi every body!

this is my first post here, asking for some precisions on practical GLslang.

I started a volume rendering application dev using opengl, targeted at real time volume rendering of fluid mechanics data (using the texture stack + alpha blending approach) So far I have used GLUT and GLUI as toolits and wrote the application using opengl 1.2 primitives.

All of the data pre-processing (colorization , filering, segmentation) is done off line using fortran java programs. The tool suite is portable (runs under solaris, linux and windows).

I’m now at the step of the dev where I want (need) to add real time filtering (high pass,low pass, denoising, edge detection, thresholding) and real time pseudo color and shading on the data that’s being displayed.

I’ve been reading for a long time about shading languages, the problem is that I still want the application to be able to run under at least linux and windows (forget about solaris) So I’d like to know wether at this present time the GLslang is practically usable on either of these platforms (or both). I heard about beta support for GLslang from both ATI and Nvidia. But I’d like to know if at the present time it is possible to use the GLslang syntax and cross compile it for ATI or nVidia cards.

The rendermonkey environment also looks great, and announces support for GLslang.

My goal is to have something portable and hardware independent. The shaders I’m going to use are really basic.

What do you guys use?

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