Modern OpenGL Books recommendations

Hi everyone,

I have a 3D application that supports both Direct3D and OpenGL rendering.

I’m trying to transition from compatibility to core OpenGL, up to something comparable to D3D11 11_0 feature level.

What book or resource would you recommend to help me achieve that?


I don’t know any book specifically for transitioning from OpenGL 2 to modern OpenGL. But I think if you already know old OpenGL well, you just need to learn modern OpenGL and then you can figure out how to rewrite things.

And as for modern OpenGL resources, for me the OpenGL Wiki website is a very good resource. It explains in simple terms a lot of things about modern OpenGL (mostly). Also, the official OpenGL Programming Guide book (edition 8 or 9) is good; it is just a bit harder to digest. And the API reference is essential. Either or this is fine.

Hope it helps.

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