Mixing normal mapping and optic effects

Afternoon everyone.

I am trying to create an effect that uses reflection & refraction with a normal map, for effects like water, windows etc, unfortunately I have a very frustrating problem achieving this.

I have 2 different shaders, one is normal mapping and the other gives optic effects with a cubemap (reflection & refraction), both shaders work perfectly. The problem is I’m trying to put both shaders together for the final effect, and of course failing at it.

I know this is quite a big problem, but if anyone is able to spare a few minutes of their time I would be over the moon with joy!

I thought it would be best if I gave you my shaders and images of the result with the shaders, so I put them all in a 7zip archive for you to view.
BumpMap, Refraction shaders work, SGGlass is the problem shader.
Password: theglass

Shader link

Sorry for asking for so much, I’m just frazzled now.

Thank you.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the final result I keep getting, it looks like the reflection/refraction is not using the normal thats obtained from the normal map, it just continues to look like the original refraction shader.

If your shaders are working independently then I would look to make sure you haven’t left a texture/transform matrix/normal map active from one stage that should be disabled before then second stage.

I am not sure if I explained that well; but for a logic error in the code rather than in the shaders

I’ve combed through my code for days now and unfortunately I cannot see such an issue :frowning: So I’m guessing you see nothing wrong with the shaders either then?

Actually ill also try and rephrase the goal (poor writing skills). The effect is essentially… instead of using 1 normal from the quad for the reflection & refraction effect, I want to use a new normal at each fragment, extracted from the normal map.

This is a bit beyond me; maybe someone else can help

Alright, thanks for assisting :slight_smile:

This is DirectX but it might help


Problem Solved! finally!

I was missing this line of code in my vertex shader…

gl_TexCoord[0] = gl_MultiTexCoord0;

Can’t believe I didn’t notice this for so long! I guess I just had too many shaders open at a time I was working on, which made me miss the small details from overworking.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks you for sharing

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