Missing extensions on Radeon 9000


I downloaded the demos from the 3dlabs-website, and compiled them, but when i start the program i get an error, something like the opengl-extensions are missing:

I have a Radeon 9000, with Driver and CATALYST-Version 04.5! I don’t think that the driver is the problem! Do i have to install something else!

Thanks in advange!

glSlang is only supported on Radeon 9500 and up, so a Radeon 9000 (which is in fact only a Radeon 8500, just renamed) won’t work.

What the heck?!? This must be a joke :mad: !!!
Whats the problem? The driver or the hardware?!

Is Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4200 working with slang?!?


It’s your hardware. Radeon9000 = Radeon8500 with some useless additions and rebranded to make money out of an old piece of HW again. And Radeon 8500 means PS1.4 only, which are not enough for glSlang. A TI4200 wouldn’t do the job either.

You’ll need a Radeon9500 and up, or a GeForce FX and up (all PS2.0) to use glSlang.

so i can forget it, to use GlSlang in a game, because than everyone would need a very actual graphic card…

There is no real reason why ARB_vertex_shader could not be used on a Radeon 9000 or the Geforce 3/4 line of cards. (I think Nvidia even supports this - Check out http://www.delphi3d.net/hardware/extsupport.php?extension=GL_ARB_vertex_shader )

But if you wanted fragment shaders on these cards you are out of luck. (have to use the old ATI_fragement_shader /NV_texture_shader/NV_register_combiners)

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