Math info

I’m looking for strong math tutorial sites.
from simple math (point, line, plane, …), middle math (sphere, cube, ellipsoid, …) to heavy math (quadric, superquadric, etc.).

You all these stuff are needed for 3D engine and i don’t want to bother everyone with math only question : this is a opengl related forum no ?? :wink:

by the way : does anyone know how to determine if a point is in a cone ??
(yeah i know : this is math :slight_smile:

Well … it’s not too hard.
You have a line from the top of the cone to the center of the base. Calculate the point at that line where the line between that point and your point is perpendicular to the line. Then calc the length of that line. If that line is shorter than the radius at that height it’s inside the cone … hope that helped …

come on !!

any good math site out of here ??
are you all Nobel prize mathematicians ?? :slight_smile:

try thisone:

I have found many good sights on the net doing basic searches with yahoo. (I.e. seaching for dot product, cross product, even geometry, trigonometry, etc…) here are a couple sites I hope help out a little, I’m copying them off of printed version of the pages, so many of these lead directly to topics, just go up a couple levels and find the main page and you’ll usually find a large list of other topics.

There are MANY, MANY more sites, but those are just a few I have in front of me. Also, and not for the weak of heart… I’ve found that a good dictionary can be invaluable when trying to decipher advanced math concepts… (try using a dictionary to teach yourself how polar coordinates related to euler coordinates or how to calculate the 2d projection of a 4d object! now thats a head-ache!)

thanks for the links man :slight_smile: