materials in real world look

Hello, GL world,

OpenGL is not the main focus of my work but I need to display some objects in real-world look. I am reading the rea book in which the plate 17 shows teapots in all kinds of different materials. I scanned through the book again and again but could not find the material spec’s for those teapots. Could anyone give me some tips about where I can find info on this? for displaying of real world materials. Thanks.

The “Real world” materials are described
in chapter 5. And the “Real world” materials
are rubins and other things, not “wood” or
other high detailed materials.

I think the lighting properties and other
states that are needed for the plate 17
materials are decribed in chapter 5.

Good Luck

-cruxis -

Thanks Cruxis. I looked through Chapter 5 again ans still could not find the detailed spec’s for plate 17. Obviously it is created with combinations of lights and materials. Chapter 5 describes the principles of doing that, but seems not giving the details.

Well, I’ll try it. Too time consuming for me. Still, does anyone know of code samples for commonly used real world materials, like bricks, steels, woods, etc. I would highly appreciate it.

Opengl isn’t really good at what you want to do. The reason you can’t find lighting and material models for brick and stuff is because most of the time opengl just goes with the “close enough” point of view. There are some people working on bring BRDF illimuation to Opengl but this work is still pretty new. If you take the time to understand chaper 5 in the Red book you will be able to come up with models for materials but they never will look that good.

If all you need is still images or video clips of you’re objects what you really need is BMRT or a different render man type program. BMRT has shaders for all different surfaces just like you want but you won’t get real time interaction with the model. Well I did run into some software at Stanford that did BMRT in real time but it was fairly limited and required an NV10(GeForce) or better. It is also confusing as all get out it required me a week just to get a polygon with simple lighting to render properly. I’d advise not using this unless it is greatly improved. But plane slow BMRT is great.