Marble Blast

Hello People…

I am noob in opengl, have worked around some examples. And as part of my education, need to have mini project in opengl and c…

Have taken marble blast as my project…

I dont have any pointers right now where to begin and how to begin with all this…

Can any one please help me out of, finding out what all i should do and outline of my project ?? Since margin of submission is too less… Need to wind up this project asap…

If you people have any other mini projects idea which can be completed with in 2 weeks, would appreciate if u jolt it down here…

Will appreciate your quick prompt response :slight_smile:

Hello ikhan,

I think that you would have to include a bit more details than that.

Details I think would be needed are as follows:
[ul][li]What is your openGL knowledge at the current point in time? [/li] [li]What version of openGL does your instructor require you to use? Does he require you to use shaders? Or is fixed functionality all right? I am asking since for a beginner and especially if there is no further interest other than a class project then doing it with the fixed functionality is better. [/ul] [/li]
Since you want to make a marble blast game, can you use a game engine that is based on openGL or would your instructor consider that cheating?

Thanks Lefteris for your prompt response…

I am interested in openGL, its not restricted only to class project, and we are not allowed to use any of the game engines. Since i am out of time, need to finish project first. Its my priority at present.

Basic functionality instructor requires is :
> Lighting
> Shading
> 3D camera movement
> Interaction with user

My openGL knowledge can be rated as minimum, i know only basic things like drawing shapes, outline of openGL program etc nothing much in depth.

And one more thing, i dont have much knowledge in physics or math that is required for openGL.

In case the project i have taken up is big one, can u suggest some project which meets basic requirements mentioned above ??

Please !! :frowning:

I see. If you are not already aware of the difference between fixed functionality and openGL 2.0+ shaders programming then I would strongly suggest at least for this class project to stick to fixed functionality.

I am not quite sure what marble blast is, but by googling it I saw it’s some kind of 2D game with colored balls, so I think that this will not be sufficient to showcase 3D camera movement and lighting.

Have you checked out nehe’s tutorials?
He has a lot of “legacy” lessons which unless things changed from the last time I checked are only dealing in fixed functionality.

Start from lesson 1 and climb your way up from there. If you reach lessons 6-10 then you will have gotten to the point of implementing fixed functionality lighting.

To add interaction with a user why don’t you just try to look up something like lesson 10: ?

Make your class project to be a small 3D world (2 rooms) first person exploration project. That would encompass all of the above requirements of your instructor if you add lighting and shading.

After finishing your class project you can take up in your own time any line of tutorials(or a book) which deals with the programmable graphics pipeline and openGL 2.0 ++.

Thanks Lefteris, would look forward into for lessons. But interested in doing some cool project probably a game. You mentioned that you saw marble blast game, can you guide me some pointers for that game please ?? or any other simple game ??

Thanks for your prompt response !!

The game I saw was a 2D flash game, first in the top of the list when I googled marble blast. I really don’t think it’s worth making it as a class project since it’s 2D basically.

You can create 2D games with openGL, but your professor requires 3D camera lotation and lighting so that would not be appropriate I guess.

As for other games, still speaking for the class prohect, just do a small 3D world exploration project, just like nehe’s lesson 10.

I saw that tutorial, it would clash with my friends project.

He is into “zoo tour”, where it makes use of basic functionality of exploring but he has objects around,

just like exploring zoo and watching animals that are present around !! :sorrow:

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