Looping in fragment programs

Hi, i was wandering if anybody had come accross a problem (i think specific to the 65 release drivers from nvidia) with using the “break” keyword in loops.

i get a very strange 999 error message. Looping works fine for me (geforce 6800 gt, with release 65 drivers) although i cant seem to get my shader to compile with this “break” keyword

any ideas ??

I also ran my shader through the 3dlabs front end compiler, and it didnt raise any issues



I’m not 100% sure but I think the 6800 doesn’t support dynamic branching.

can anyone say anything more on this? I’ve run into similar limitations…

The 6800 series do support dynamic branching but it is not yet implemented in their drivers.

Dynamic branching should be fully supported in Release 65 drivers for all GeForce 6 Series GPUs. If you have a specific shader that won’t compile or run correctly with our latest drivers, please post the shader/demo or email it directly to me.

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