Looking for an up to date tutorial site

All I know of is NeHe’s, but most of his tutorials and articles are very much out of date. I’m looking for something that covers version 2 and up. Is there anything like that?

Lighthouse 3D OpenGL tutorials.
Also google songho and opengl and there are some nice articles.

Those are not quite 3.x level, but they will certainly get you on the way there from 2.

Also, perhaps splash out and buy The Orange Book.

I don’t have a 3.x capable graphics card yet, so anything 2.x would be nice. I’ve looked at the two that you mentioned and they seem rather limited. I wish that NeHe would post some updated stuff. His collection is massive.

And, yes, I’ll be buying some books this week.

I have go a few more advanced mostly up to date ones on my site. www.flashbang.se
The latest one is on how to set up and then render using openGL 3.1