Looking feedback for GLSL shader language plugin in Intellij

Hello guys, I hope people in the graphic community are doing well :smiley:, I’m here to share my language plugin I created in my free time. I’m so tired of not having a good ide for shader language development, I’m talking about auto completion, reference resolving, formatter and more. To me, it’s a crucial workflow to improve my productivity. That’s why I’ve created this language plugin. Most folks including myself prefer intellij as their ide, it’s sturdy, cross platform, so you’ll have no problem using it in different os.

It’s still in very early stage of development, I’m hoping to complete it (to a reasonable level) during the next summer break. Here is the link, I would appreciate if you’ll give me some feedback after using it (creating issue or whatever), like what do you think I should add next or prioritise. I’ve listed out what it can or cannot do in the plugin description. Thank you for your time.

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