Linker Error

I have a problem with GLUT libraries. I have downloaded the openGL sdk and the GLUT libraries. I put the precompiled version of glut32.lib to c:…\DevStudio\VC\lib also i copy glut32.dll to c:\winnt\system32 and glut.h to c:…\DevStudio\VC\include\gl. When linking i get the following error “C:\Program Files\DevStudio\VC\LIB\glut32.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid
file or disk full: cannot seek to 0x3924edc9”. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Denis

Your running Windows NT… does glut support NT ?? i don’t know… anyone here know ???

glut does support NT. Has the project been cleaned lately? Where did you download the SDK from?

Also, which version of Visual C++ are you using?


I’ve had this error. Your GLUT32.LIB is a bad file, damaged. Try another

I post this as an answer to shawge. I run the sdk on a Win2000 system. I use VC5. I had the files from two resources form the and also i had it from a book, i can’t recall its name. Both of them didn’t work. I also tried to run GLUT on win98 but no improvement. I “REALY” appreciete your help.

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