Laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and OpenGL version

The specs of the Intel IC says OpenGL 3.1, when I run glGetString(GL_VERSION) i get 4.0, why?

Windows or Linux?

Go here:

and type in 4000 in the text field above the Renderer column and 4.0 in the text field above the Version column. That may give you a clue.

If not, download and install the “OpenGL Hardware Capability Viewer”:

run it, submit a report, and post a link to your report here.

Based on the hits in the OpenGL database, looks like you might need Build 9.17.*, 9.18.*, or 10.18.* Intel graphics drivers (on Windows at least).

I’m not sure why “the specs of the Intel IC says OpenGL 3.1”. But apparently at least with the Intel graphics drivers, the Intel HD Graphics 4000 supports OpenGL 4.0, which implies tessellation shader support:

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The Intel HD 4000 was a DirectX 11 capable part which should also support OpenGL 4.x, but I believe that the drivers are capped-out at 4.0.

The most likely reason for getting a lower version is using a driver from a laptop manufacturer rather than from Intel. This might be a pre-installed driver if still using the factory-installed OS, or alternatively a driver downloaded from the manufacturer’s website if one installed the OS oneself.

This was also more common with older hardware, but the HD 4000 is nowadays a fairly old part to begin with (10 years old at this stage, so the moral equivalent of still using an original 3DFX Voodoo in 2006/2007).

It’s not unreasonable that a vendor no longer supplies updated drivers for a part this old.

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It’s on Windows with Intel drivers 10.18.*, i ran the “OpenGL Hardware Capability Viewer” and it says OpenGL 4.0, i also built a context with glad for OpenGL 4.0, thanks!