JPG's & Video Memory

I’m tired of the tons of Mbytes that BMP’s take!! I want to be able to read JPG’s! Does anyone have some source code I could use? Or just an address of a site that could tell how?
Another thing: using NeHe tutorials about texture, when we load them, do they go to the video card memory? If not, where to? And how do you take them out, free up the texture mem I mean…

Check out the Independent JPEG Group . I use their library and I’m quite satisfied. And don’t be mislead by that webpage, their library includes JPEG compression and decompression, even though it just says compression.

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I like intels jpg library. It’s somewhere on their sight.

If you’re using Win32, you can load JPEGs in Win98 and Win2K by loading a bitmap with the BI_JPEG type.

Of course, you’re going to have to load a file header, so go find the header type.


In win32, u can also use OleLoadPicture to load the JPG first and then get the raw image to render.