Is GL_EXTENSIONS working properly?

Hi guys!

I’m working with OpenGL for some time now and I’ve run into a strange issue…

I’ve made a java program that uses OpenGL (with JOGL binding) and shaders with GLSL. It is working fine on my computer but, when I tried it on another one, the shaders didn’t work at all :frowning: ! Although I am checking if the extensions listed here are available on the computer.
After a bit of investigation, the 4 extensions were actually in the string returned by GL_EXTENSIONS and there was nothing in the compilation/linking log of the shaders, everything seemed to be fine… but still nothing could be seen :mad: !

It was running on a quite recent computer (W7 x64) so I didn’t think to it earlier… but it worked when I updated the driver of the video card.

So my problem is that the extensions didn’t seem to be properly “detected” when I retrieve GL_EXTENSIONS… I would be glad to known a way to be sure that the shaders can be used on the current machine. Do you guys have any idea?

If after updating the video driver things work (and assuming you haven’t changed your program), then it might be a driver problem. I say “might” because it is common to have buggy code that causes undefined behavior.

It becomes the responsibility of the end-user to update system drivers if it is a driver problem.

My program was the same before/after the driver update…

And I can’t imagine that I have “buggy code” on that part, it’s merely 7 “easy” lines…

I wish extensions would be detected properly, the target computers may not have easy internet access and therefore have some difficulties to update their drivers.

Thanks for your answer anyway!

What do you mean when you say that you wish extensions would be properly detected? GL doesn’t detect extensions. It just returns a string.

Oups… Must have be tired at the time…

Anyway, that is strange that the string returned (by the driver’s dll I assume) is not correct…

I have to find another computer on which I can reproduce that! :smiley:

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