Installing OGL in Windows

Can someone please tell me what files I need to install OpenGL and GLUT for VC++. Also, what do I do with the files and stuff. PLEASE HELP!

As far as I know, the OpenGL kit is part of the standard VC++ installation. The library files (opengl32.lib, glaux.lib, glu32.lib) must be manually added to your link library list in your project preferences. The include files (gl.h, glaux.h, glu.h) must be prefixed by “gl”, ie #include <gl\gl.h>, because they are in their own GL directory inside your standard VC include directory.

You’ll also need (and most likely already have) the 3 matching DLLs to run your program, but almost every Windows release already has these.

If for some reason you don’t have these files (the *.lib and *.h), go to Microsoft’s MSDN site, do a search for “Platform SDK”, and you can download them there after a little digging.

Ok, what if I wanted to use OpenGL under a different compiler, say DJGPP?? How should I proceed then? I have the following files:
glut.lib, glut32.lib, glut.dll, glu32.dll, glut.h, glu32.dll, opengl32.dll, gl.h, glaux.h, glu.h, gluax.lib, glu32.dll, opengl32.lib. Do I need anything else to run OGL and GLUT?? Also, how do I install these files for DJGPP compiler (gcc)

You can not use hardware accelerated OpenGL under DOS. The files is for Windows.

VC++ doesn’t come with Glut, so to use Glut with it you’ll have to put the glut.h in your include/gl directory and the glut*.lib files into your lib directory.

If you want to use DJGPP for compiling OpenGL, you’re out of luck. You can, however, use Mesa, which is oftware only, but has the same basic API as OpenGL. For legal purposes it cannot be called OpenGL, but according to the Mesa 3d page, it can be compiled using DJGPP.

Personally, I’d avoid compiling it for DOS unless you absolutely have to.