install Opengl in windows 7


I want to install opengl in my windows 7 64 bit computer.How do i do it.Thankyou

It’s already installed, just make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and you should be fine

To clarify: The OpenGL drivers are part of the usual drivers you get with ATI/NVIDIA.


Thankyou both of you.How do i find out if my graphic drivers are up to date?

You can run dxdiag from the command console, and then choose display and look at the Drivers Version field, and then compare that version with the latest version available from your graphics card provider.

Which hardware vendor? NVidia, AMD, Intel?

ok,will do that.
Basically i want to use VBO and VAO which is supported in opengl3.0 version or more.

Currently these functions are not available.

I am using a windows 7 64 bit and I have Intel 3000 version:8.830.6.3000.

should i update further?

If I update the driver will i get the support for these functions

VBO & VAO functions are available as extensions. you should know how to use these.

You need to use an OpenGL function loading library.