Image Texture Resize using glsl


I want to know how, using a glsl program, I can rezise a texture. Let say, I have an 1024x768 image that I want to resample to 640x480. (by linear interpolation for example).

I want to proceed the resize of the image with gpu using a glsl program. Assuming I am able to get the corresponding texture of the original image, how and what instructions I have to write in the shader to resize the image the way I want.

Thank you for your help.


I have similar problem. I need to resize RGB texture of size 840x512 to 1400x1050. Any help.


Use the texture on a quad, draw the quad so that its size is 1400x1050, glReadPixels the results, done.

(GLSL is not even needed, by the way)

Feel free to ask for detals if needed.

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