Hi all,

I have a program which renders many point-primitives, which I can scale from the glsl shader code using point size extension.

For that I use the NVidia 8800 GTX, which works fine. However on the NVidia 8800 GTX <u>mobile</u> the point primitives show up as squares.

Anyone any idea what could be wrong here?!


AFAIK the most OpenGL implementations render the points as squares. Actually on the gf8800 gtx it was the first time I have seen round points. If you want this behaviour on all cards I would suggest to use billboards with a texture.

Enable alpha blending ?

Maybe you forced antialiasing in the graphics driver for the NVidia 8800 GTX.


Thnx. I’ll check for the alpha blending, but I’m sure I disabled anti aliasing.

Furthermore it turns out that under Linux (ubuntu) problems do not occurs. Only the Windows driver seems to render squares. I hope it is not a matter of driver implementation?


As NiCo suggested, it could be that in Linux you’ve enabled antialiasing in the NVIDIA control panel (nvidia-settings) which is overriding your application’s settings.

Ok guys, you were right. I had to enable anti-aliasing through GL_POINT_SMOOTH. Now everything looks fine!

Only difference I notice still is some “flickering” while rotating the objects, which does not occur on the non-mobile graphics card.

Could this have to with the refresh rate of my screen?



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