I have a demo, and it needs testing

Hey all.

I’ve been working on a demo for quite a while. and mostly i wanna see if it works on systems other than my own.


Its an FPS, Using Cg, OpenGL, OpenAL and Newton. Its about ~7.5mb.

So please, if you test it can you post your stats and if it worked.

and if you have any comments (i hope you do, IMO the demo is pretty cool) please share.

ATM, the demo has RagDoll and rigid body physics, Sound and 4 levels of Detail for the Map Model (Bump mapping, Bump and Parralax mapping, Bump and Relief Mapping and Bump Self-Shadowing Relief mapping), Hardware Accelerated Stencil Shadowing, and 3 different guns, switch using the 1,2,3 keys…1. Steyr Aug, 2. Grav Gun (has 2 fire modes, use RMB to ‘grab’ objects) and 3. Pulse Rifle.

And also some post-processing effects to make the Grav Gun cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any input.


sorry that i can’t say anything about framerates etc.- i have linux running and no windows installed…but i looked at the screenshots, looks good.
although my first impression was: the gun is too coarse. the walls are really cool to look at, but actually you move around and don’t stare at the walls all the time.
what you see most of the time is your gun, so it should be modelled very fine.

Yeah, the guns are fairly low-poly…but they’re not mine, they belong to a friend of mine who is letting me use them.

But i should point out that the screenshots are old and outdated…they dont include the grav gun nor the Pulse rifle, the grav gun doesnt look so good, im hopeless at texturing, so i tried to make up for it with visual effects :stuck_out_tongue: .


tell your friend he’s a rotten egg- can’t be that hard to make a telescopic sight with more than 8 edges on the circumference :smiley:

well, sorry i can’t say more. maybe i’ll put windows on my HD again some day… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, its too early in development for me to care so much about content…its actually a game engine instead of a game itself.

Mostly, im trying to see if it works on ATI cards, but im interested to see its performance on other NV cards (works on 6600GT PCIe).


Works perfectly on my WildCat Realizm 100. Only has one annoying behaviour: try to set the cursor position at the center of the game window on every frame, because when the cursor arrow goes out of the window, the user cant fire without bringing up a background window, loosing the focus of the game window.

~25 fps on FX 5200
Realy cool
May I suggest adding a crosshair?

Thanks for your suggestions (im writing them all down ‘todo.txt’ :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Just make sure you try the Gravity Gun (pressing the ‘2’ key brings it up, right mouse button to ‘grab’, left to ‘push’ away), im especially proud of that.

And im glad to hear it works on other cards. Still need ATI to complete the major vender compatability list :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to run OK on my 6800GT.
But I noticed a few OpenGL errors keep spewing when running:

GL ERROR - Function glFrontFace(GL_LESS) generated error GL_INVALID_ENUM
GL ERROR - Function glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX) generated error GL_INVALID_ENUM
GL ERROR - Function glDisable(GL_ZERO) generated error GL_INVALID_ENUM
GL ERROR - Function glPopMatrix() generated error GL_STACK_UNDERFLOW

The above was generated using GLIntercept (http://glintercept.nutty.org ) which can be configured to break into your debugger when these GL errors occur.

Found one more:
GL ERROR - Function glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D,6) generated error GL_INVALID_OPERATION

This occurs because Texture ID 6 is a Rectangular texture. You app only works as it look like the texture is still bound from when it was sub-loaded from the screen.

You also make a lot of render calls using the same textures/shaders straight after each other (mainly drawing the gravity gun etc) Since these are raw triangles (ie not in a strip), you can easily batch them together in one render call. (not necessary, but better for performance)

Ok, thanks for that.

I didnt realize it was THAT messy inside.


Doesn’t work on my Radeon 9800Pro.
Almost everything is black. I can just see the lights and the boxes, but it seems like your modelview matrix isn’t correct ( maybe caused by the errors posted by sqrt[-1]? ). If you look up and down the boxes get distorted.
The weapon also doesn’t move correctly with the view position and direction (maybe also caused by the matrix error?)
This happens on detail level 1 and 2.



If this is how it should look, then I’m not impressed. :slight_smile:

ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, Cat 5.3.

Well, it’s pretty nice, but too dark

and wooden boxes behave like rubber :slight_smile:

GF6800le Pretty nice, but if you can do self shadowing relief mapping, you can surely do trilinear and anisotropic texturing … :slight_smile:

And if you have dynamic lighting, adding a light for a gun shot would be easy to add. And what about a shadow for the player ? I found it sad that Doom3 player shadow was not ‘on’ by default.

Bugger…i was hopeing that wouldnt happen.

Thats the reason i wanted ATI cards to test it so much, im pretty sure sqrt[-1] got it right.

I’ll add the modifications to the lighing soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, if you have an ATI card give this a try…its fixed (with reguard to the problems sqrt[-1] spotted)

The whole demo has been updated, but if you already have it, theres no point downloading ~7mb again.

And also, im pretty sure Detail Levels 3+4 dont work on non-GF6 cards, Subliminal should tell you, and revert back to the hightest one you can handle.


Cool gravity gun! If I only had some enemies to throw sh*t at. :smiley:

My fps were around 40 to 50 on my 6800 GT with 71.84 drivers at 1024x768 resolution. Seems a bit low for what was in the scene but I’m sure there is a good reason for it. :wink: Still pretty cool though.


Well, hunt down the ragdoll, and grab his foot :stuck_out_tongue: (altho, no cross hair makes it abit hard, takes about 2 or 3 goes to grab it properly)

I originlly set ‘Level of detail’ to level 4 (which is self shadowed relief mapping, on high res that would eat FPS), so the low FPS is not surprising…goto the config file, and change it there, you should get about 200fps (i get about 250 on my 6600GT, 800*600)


Ah that was the ticket! Ok so yeah since relief mapping was on it makes more sense now. :slight_smile: I did mess with the config file before I ran the engine but for some reason I forgot that 3 and 4 turn on relief mapping, heh. On setting 2 I then got 60 to 120 (still at 1024 res).

Also I noticed that you can’t launch the ragdoll with the LMB like you can with the boxes. Is that a “feature?” :wink:

Oh and one last thing. When using level 4, I do not see the bumps casting any shadows (selfshadow).


The ragdoll is stil abit buggy, when huge forces (like throwing it) are put onto the ragdoll, it freaks out and becomes unstable…turning that off seemed the right thing to do for now :stuck_out_tongue:

The shadows are there, press the ‘L’ key to make the light move around and have a look at some of the walls.