how to use the 3d texture??

i use the vc6.0 and my OS is windows2000.i wang to know how can i create 3d texture.someone tell me i should get opengl1.2 first.but where can i get it?? and how to set the environment variable??

No matter what your compiler/OS is, GL features are not affected by that.

Now, as soon as i know, the only version avaiable for windows is GL1.1 - this means that if you want to access 3d texturing hardware, you have to do it thuru the extension mechanism.

Now, you have to make sure your video card supports that. You can do this by looking at the GL version and just assuming a feature is supported or not however, I would raccomand you to get the extension string and check for 3d texture support.

I heard 3d textures are slow!

Not only are 3D textures slow but they’re extremely memory hungry little beasties. Just using a simple 256x256x256 alpha texture takes up 32MB of Video RAM. You really need lots of Video RAM for 3D texturing so it’s not really viable at the moment.

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I didnt find it so slow, and its pretty useful even if you have a smaller one, but mostly for lookuptables for fragmentprograms… but i have tried to make clouds and similar, and simulated the earth core