how to compile, where can i get a compiler, and im an idiot

i need to know how to compile and where to get one and in simpletons terms what a compiler is, i understand the basic but i need to know how to compile a program so that i can run my sample program

I think the easiest free compiler to start with is Borland. Here is a page with some information and links:

Remember that OpenGL is something pretty advanced so you must understand the basic stuff first.

The BEST free C++ compiler out there which also comes with a IDE is Dev-CPP, get it at (someone correct me if i got the address wrong)

Originally posted by MrShoe:
The BEST free C++ compiler out there which also comes with a IDE is Dev-CPP, get it at (someone correct me if i got the address wrong)
Thats the real site…

thanks for the help but i think i need some explination also

A compiler is a piece of software that parses a string (or in this case a program) and produces equivelent machine code. Basically it converts code into tokens, checks the syntax and semantics and then produces byte code in the form of an *.exe.

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I think you should probably look into getting a book on programming. Look at your local bookstore for books on C/C++, or check (Bookstore is better because you can look through the book to see if the writing style is something you could learn from.) We can teach you what a compiler is, and the basics of how to use it, but when it comes to writing code, you’ll need to put in some effort of your own.

Personally speaking, I’d go for Borland’s command line compiler, and as regards using an IDE, download a copy of Programmers File Editor:

thanks for the help, maybe i should just start with c or c++ instead of openGL

Eh? OpenGL is a API, not a compiler.

Yeah, you should definitely start with c/c++, or even some other language if you prefer. As Elixer says, OpenGL is an API. That basically means that it is a set of functions to be used in a programming language (like c/c++). You NEED an understanding of SOME programming language, before you can use OpenGL.

Try learning Pascal, It’s THE easiest programming language on the planet (except -gag- VB…), & the syntax is very similar to C/C++, too. Try getting a copy of Delphi, they show u pevery onw & then on coverdisks

Pascal? ARGH! ICK!! RUN!!!


He said the dreaded P word!

Pascal rox!!!

Delphi is definitely a good option for a language to start with. Very easy to get a GUI running in notime.

Not just Pascal… OBJECT Pascal
I agree, Pascal isn’t the most advanced language in the world, but it’s good for a lot of things.
Borland’s version adds more functionality to it, so unless you’re about to start OS coding or low-level device drivers, it’s usable plus, ever tried to write spaghetti code in it? Dosen’t work very well…

Ok, I am not going to join in on a lanaguge war be it C/C++ or Pascal you start with I would defently sugest you do not start withe a RAD type tool(eg. Delphi, C++ Bulder or VB) it is very inportant that you first learn basic programing theroy. Algorithm drsgine and basic data structs, even if you are going to only be uesing the WIndows API and OpenGL when you do real programing knowing how a basic banalsed tree is constructed and how to do recursive algorithms will help you with latter. It is much harrder (not imposibule) to learn that type of basic theroy with a RAD tool as your primary learing envirement.
Good Luck

I disagre, it is not harder to learn basic theory with a RAD tool.

I guess for some people it may be as easy to learn with a RAD tool but it is just one more layer to learn and it takes away some of your attention away from the core stuff. I do not think there is a Universty out there that teaches the core Computer Sci class with RAD toos( I know that some is now going to find one to prove me wron but Th know the Cal State system dose not and the Universty of Manatoba dose not, and I am pritty sure the UC system does not).

It is was easier for me to learn from the command line, than from a GUI (RAD), because there was not so much media coming at you/that you have to be concerned with.

Start with command line. It may not be easier but as has been mentioned you will learn more about what is actually going on. If you are thinking of using c (good idea) then you may want to use unix/linux environments as they are probably the best for coding in c. A good set of notes for c coding (very complete) try
It is aimed at UNIX os but don’t worry as it will still work on your environment, just ignore the UNIX bits.