How to apply camera's extrinsic parameters change in shader

I am now developing a surround view product, in which opencv and opengl are needed. First, cameras’ intrinsic and extrinsic parameters are obtained for calibration. Next, the camera images will be mapped onto a bowl shape model using shaders with (x, y, z, u, v) list written to a file for each camera. Then, the cameras’ texture will be mapped to the bowl shape model to show the surround view effect.
Now, it seems to me that the extrinsic parameters are only used in the calibration process. In the surround view, the cameras’ texture ought to be simply ‘pasted’ on the bowl and the extrinsic parameters are neved used. But I have to achieve an effect of the extrinsic parameters change. It there a way to do this in opengl, glsl or even opencv.
P.S. I tried to change the (u, v) to simulate a translation effect, which does not seem quite right. And I never think out a way to realize the 3 dimension rotation.

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