HOW do I Initilize vertex shader?

i have seen the NV cg programe but i prefer to work with “standard” GL extensions.Moreover, i wonder any difference between glsl and nvsl. :slight_smile:

The difference is that Cg requires each vertex or fragment program in a serparate file and that file is processed by a serparate runtime compiler. Whereas in GL shading, you write your shader program within the same file as your normal OpenGL program and the OpenGL drivers compile the strings of text of your shader when you call specific OpenGL API function calls from within your program.

OpenGL shading language is a much neater way to do it in my opinion

Does NVSL only run on Nvidia-gpus?!?


No, Cg will run on ATI just as esily.

My suggestion is buy the Orange Book - don’t get Cg tutorial - it will assume too much.

The Orange book will take you from the ground up

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