How about the book "The Cg Tutorial"

The Cg Tutorial: The Definitive Guide to Programmable Real-Time Graphics
I will write the shader code with DirectX or OpenGL.
The book “The Cg Tutorial” is worthy for me to buy and learn the shader code?
I have many books about the shader code in DirectX.
But now I will use OpenGL.
Cg,GLSL, which is better to write the shader code in OpenGL?

Could Somebody suggest me some books of shader using in OpenGL?

OpenGL Shading Language, Second Edition.
The book is yellow-orange.

“The OpenGL Shading Sanguage” (aka. “The Orange Book”) makes a great read, with both reference parts and real world accessible examples :

The problem with Cg is that its tied to Nvidia.
Nevertheless, Cg, GLSL, HLSL are quite similar.

There are definitely similarities between the three languages. Having said that, I’ve been finding there are quite a few annoying differences between HLSL and GLSL that could easily trip you up. Maybe that’s just been my experience because I’m not completely au-fait with all the underlying concepts, though…


GLSL ? The yellow book, “The OpenGL Shading Language 2nd Edtion”

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