HL-counterstrike freezes // something with nvoglnt.dll

nobody ever listens…
Not to be rude but, Of course my graphics drivers are most up to date, my mb drives are most up to date and I have a completly diffrent mb then when this started as i stated, ram is correct, disabling usb I guess I could try but my usb is all on-board so i’m not sure if that might give me other problems, not to mention my mouse is usb, and this started before I got usb mouse so don’t blame that, I’ll think about trying to lower the agp bus speed, reluctently even though it should work at 4x no problem, but i’ll try. thank you.
to V-man, as i’ve already said i’ve seen numerous ppl with this problem on forums with every type of windows os and nothing comes up when it stops, EVER, it just stops, sound, game, hd, mouse, everything freezes nothing works, NOTHING, no ctrl+alt+del, nothing. It’s power button off time.
thanx for trying though, sorry i’m so synical but like i said i’ve been searching for the solution for a year and i’ve heard these answers over and over, nobody ever has the real answer. Like I said i’ll try the agp bus reluctently, but i dont’ know anybody else that has to change there agp to 2x or lower for HL, do you?

Originally posted by mushroom:
so is it possible to just update that dll file directly to fix this problem? Seeing as I have win2k i don’t think sp1 for xp will do a lot of good for me.

Win2k is up to Service Pack 4 so i would recommend updating =)


If you’ve changed your MB and you’ve reinstalled everything cleanly…

Have you considered a video card failure?

mushroom says that he has swapped out everything except the HD.

I don’t think it’s a hw failure cause he can use it for hours sometime. It’s possibly software trouble. I have been playing those games for a long time and I know that they sometimes randomly crash (but my machine never locks up)

The best thing you can do is compare situations.
Does the lock up happen with other games? GL or D3d?
Is your power clean? Is your case cover always on? Maybe try it at someone else’s house in that case.

There are plenty of factors. You just have to try one by one.

thanx v,
It doesn’t happen with any other games or software but this is the only game that I run in open gl. It’s happened since I was at my other place, i’m in a new place now, so I think I can rule that out.
I know this is really odd, but I wasn’t playing CounterStrike for a long time, I have been playing natural selection, and the lockups weren’t really happening all that often and then a couple of weeks ago I went on a cs bing for a few days and it started happening more frequently agian. I haven’t played cs since, just ns, and it’s been calming down a little, still happens but it generaly, and I use that loosly, takes an hour or two. Also I have the same game, same version and cd-key, on my comp at work which is running xp pro and so far it hasn’t happened once, but like I said I had it on my comp at home for 6 months before it started happening there. I’ll mess around some more with it and see if I can figure it out. I also emailed sierra but so far all they have said is to update drivers and check my hardware.

Let me chime in here, I have this same problem although slightly different.

I have a Toshiba laptop with GeForce FX 5600 card in it, and the NVIDIA Dawn Demo crashes right away when loading. It crashes in nvoglnt.dll. How embarassing for the company’s demo to crash on its own video card

3DMark2001 also crashes during the 2nd test (car chase - high detail). As well, UT 2003 is very unstable when loading (most of the time crashes at splash screen) but if it gets past the loading phase, it runs fine.

I’ve used the recovery CD’s that came with the laptop to re-image back to factory defaults, so that mostly rules out it being a software issue. I’ve had the video card (well, mobo too since it’s soldered onto it) replaced under warranty, so that ought to rule out hardware issues. Then, logically, if it’s not software or hardware, then there shouldn’t be a problem!!! But there is

Now if that isn’t odd enough… and this will sound really weird… the aforementioned apps run fine after installing them, UNTIL I reboot the laptop. Then, they crash as mentioned. Reinstalling them doesn’t help anything, btw.

Now I’m thinking it’s maybe a Windows registry problem, where the first time those apps run, they create and use default registry settings, but the 2nd time when they access registry (it’s only reloaded upon reboot) to get at those settings, something goes wrong…

On the bright side, there are graphical apps that run fine on my laptop. 3DMarks 2000, 3DMark 2003, Black & White. I don’t have many other games to test it with.

Toshiba tech support basically give me the run-around, pleading ignorance on the issue. So I’m left with a $4000 word processor… or paperweight…

I’ve been having this same problem with my desktop for several months now, and this is an nvidia driver and I have changed everything updated everything which makes me believe that its not a hardware problem, and it is not a software problem, but it is a driver problem. Every time I contact msi about it they give me the runaround telling me to update more and more, but I dont believe this problem will be solved until an updated version of the driver is released.

If the sound is skipping and repeating like a broken record and your game freezes up then in MY experience is was a highly defragmented hard drive, sound settings problem, or the memory is cryin.

Heat can be an issue but unless you got a janky computer and some overclocked stuff its usually not.

Try to disable the sound card totally in the device manager and make NO sound available on the computer. Then go play the game. It will suck as you cant hear anything
but if you can play it for a while without it freezing then that might be the problem.

Skipping can also be caused by the paging file being too low. I use LOTS of ram 2 512
ram chips and 20% of the disk is a paging file for virtual memory.

Lastly tweaking the game and turning off lots of flashy effects improved my Half Life (mods) GREATLY back in the day.
You dont really need to see EVERY bullet hole and what not.

I had same problem with nvoglnt.dll when I tried to use solidworks. I found the cure from web. I just renamed the file and it started working fine…

Originally posted by Duck:
I had same problem with nvoglnt.dll when I tried to use solidworks. I found the cure from web. I just renamed the file and it started working fine…

Then you dont get any hw acceleration and performance becomes crap.

The correct solution is for the company to release bug fixes (immediatly!) or you go to their competitor.

Actually, Im surprised something as graphically simple as SolidWorks doesnt work on your system.

I’ll check the paging file to see where it’s at but I no longer have a sound loop when it freezes because my current sound is on-board sound, so that issue has stopped. However I the freezing has not. Let me stress that nothing else causes my computer to do this, only half-life- counter strie and natural selction; mods for half-life.
I ran 3d mark on my old system and it crashed and restarted cause the proccessor sucked but I ran it on my current system and it finished fine. I’ve run ut2k3, max payne, enter the matrix, all kinds of high graphics programs for long periods and it does not crash. I don’t believe in any way that it is a hardware issue and I have doubts about it being a driver issue unless its a driver and software interaction issue, but then the question is why isn’t there a larger number of ppl with the same problem. I’m still waiting to hear back from sierra we’ll see what they say.

Here’s the latest troubleshooting from the actual owner of the game’s rights :

Half-Life: Looping & skipping sounds with SB soundcardHalf-Life:

Looping & skipping sounds with SB soundcard (AnswerID 1012019)


        When Half-Life is played on a system with a Creative Labs 
        SoundBlaster sound card, some game sounds skip or loop.

SOLUTION is Copyright 2002, Vivendi Universal Publishing and/or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.

READ IT THERE => http://techsupport.vuinteractive.com/techsupport/sierra/support.asp

FOR PATCHES GO TO (french site) http://boutique.vugames.fr/vui/editorial.asp?ID=14
ATI video boards owners could find there a SPECIFIC PATCH…

I had this problem. There is a DirectX 9b update that seems to have cleared it up.

The problem is definitely with OpenGL.

cs owns


my own easy to read fixes for all ur open gl problems, easy to read!

Originally posted by rsmiff:
I had this problem. There is a DirectX 9b update that seems to have cleared it up.

What update do u excatly mean by that?

Have you tried to run HL in D3D?

Just to tie up loose ends, I resolved my problem. It had NOTHING to do with OpenGL, or even video cards for that matter.

It was a virus.

To be specific, it was W32.Pinfi (aka “Parite”) and is pretty benign as far as viruses go. It’s so benign that I never knew I had it (for over 2 months) until someone told me to run a virus scan. I usually don’t bother with virus scanning, I figured if I got a virus I would just cut it off at the source by reformatting. But for that to work you need to have SOME indication that you have a virus…

So my suggestion is to people on this thread, if you’re like me and never bothered checking for virii (whatever your reason may be. mine was arrogance) then you may just want to do that. Can’t hurt.
http://www.pandasoftware.com/download/utilities <-- free virus scanner. ain’t much good, but it’s free and will at least detect common virii.

I had the same problem with Quake III Arena.
To fix it I had to go to NVidia driver archives and reinstall each driver until the card had the latest driver.
A pain in the arse, but it fixed the problem.