HL-counterstrike freezes // something with nvoglnt.dll

okay, i’m a belgian and i’m trying to say this in my best english ^^

When i start playing cs(counter-strike) after a while the game just freezes and the sound repeats hisself, i checked my Systeminfo/windowserrors and it says something about the nvoglnt.dll file.
I’ve tried format several times, and nothing helps. I just formatted again, installed via drivers (vagpm410b) & nvidia drivers (43.45) & sound drivers (sblive!drivers).

my pc specs:
(CPU) 1-AMD Duron, 857MHz, 64KB (0% Load) .:. (RAM) usage: 167/384MB (43.49%) .:. (GFX) NVIDIA GeForce3, (Display) 1280x1024/32bit/60Hz
(OS) Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600), (installed for) 7h 54m, (uptime) 3h 48m 24s .:. (HDDs) 24.1G/28.4G(84.7%) free

Is there a fix for this problem or any recomends? i would give everything to fix this :>

I have the exact same problem wich appeared after i installed winxp…

well, as far as i know the xp aint the one causing trouble. I have win98SE and im suffering from this too. Ive tried almost every driver there is, reformated, installed fresh windows, upgrading bios changing my video card, tips and hints mentioned in this forum, everything… and still the problem keeps coming back.
plz some1 come up w/ a solution!!!1 plz!1
my specs: AMD Athlon ~750MHz
GeForce 4 Mx 440
SoundBlaster Audigy
384mb Ram

If you rule out software, then it must be hardware.

Sounds like a heat problem. Have you considered opening your case and putting a regular fan blowing into the case?

If that fixes the problem, then you need better case cooling.

If it doesn’t then you may have a motherboard or video card problem.

yeh ive got that problem. Ive turned off the Nvidia helper service, tried many different drivers and turned on 2x mode but none of these work. Ive also got a powerful fan and that doesn’t help at all.

If we all have the same problem it must be due to something we all have in common.

Does anyone have a ASUS A7V333 motherboard -it could be this???

I’ve an ASUS CUV4X-C motherboard with a Pentium III 750 Processor and an ATI RADEON 7500 video card. With Direct3D there is no problem, but it with when using OpenGL

we really need to solve this problem, it’s annoying, please help.

Originally posted by elperryo:
we really need to solve this problem, it’s annoying, please help.

What driver are you using? Do you have the latest from www.ati.com ???

I’ve also been experiencing this problem for the past month. Reinstalls, reformats, virus checks, driver changes, etc… have not solved anything. This is on an older Tyan S1958c2 motherboard (SS7) with a K6-3 550 and WINDOWS XP.

It appears that this problem is very common w/ old motherboards. Mayby buying a new fresh one would fix the prob.

nvoglnt.dll (Nvidia’s Opengl driver) doesnt even work on mine. When i want to play opengl mode in CS and other games, it freezes and on CS or on HL that it says" opengl is not supported by your videocard"
I dunno how to load it to the games. my g4 Ti4200 is giving me trouble w/ opengl.
D3D mode looks like crap.

the “open gl not supported” error it’s prolly due to some bad drivers for ur video card.

I’ve win 98se and i’ve the same freezing problem, the freezing is random.

I wonder if it’s really a heat problem.

If after installing the drivers you still get that message, then probably HL is screwing up.

I had that kind of problem with Q2, while all other gl stuff was working fine.

Try emailing Valve or go to their tech forums.

I remember when win2k came out, HL refused to run because it couldn’t identify the OS. Stupid!

I’ve had this problem since I installed win2k, i’ve had it for over a year, i’ve changed every piece of hardware in my computer, upgrading, except the hd. I’ve searched all kinds of forums and topics for the solution to this and everybody that has posted it has had a diffrent system with diffrent hardware. The only common thing in this problem is that everybody is play cs. I seem to recall that it started happening to me not to long after I put 1.5 on too so that might be part of it too. All I know is this is a wide spread problem with no solution and it has to do with the software. It probably won’t happen but it would be great if somebody from sierra could take a look at this and give us some hints. And don’t tell ppl to get the latest drivers or there hardware is overheating cause thats not it.

This actually sounds like a problem with opengl32.dll. (it’s a known issue for openGL apps like HL, Quake 3, Jedi Knight 2, Elite Force, etc; it’s caused by long lines or clipping planes that extend past the window boundaries)

SP1 for XP is supposed to fix this. See MS articles Q312505, Q311838 and Q281860 for more information.

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so is it possible to just update that dll file directly to fix this problem? Seeing as I have win2k i don’t think sp1 for xp will do a lot of good for me.

Again with this bull**** opengl32.dll

No it’s not that file. When you have your drivers installled, all gl calls are routed to the driver.

There are plenty of people, including me who are not having problems with that file.

So whats the problem then? I had cs installed on my system for over 6 months without a problem and then one day it just started freezing at random during games. Sometimes 2 hours in sometimes 2 minutes. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled tryed all kinds of crap i’ve found that solve similar problems but nothing has ever worked. And agian it’s not a hardware problem because i’ve completly changed my system and it still happens.

  1. Update drivers for graphics-card.
  2. Update drivers for mainboard.
  3. Check ram settings in bios. They might be wrong.
  4. Disable USB in bios.
  5. Set AGP bus speed to some low value in bios.

I’ve had these problems numerous times, and I solved them all doing the things above. Maybe the hardest was when USB made it freeze, I still don’t know why…
Hope it helps some of you.

Originally posted by mushroom:
So whats the problem then?

It’s really hard to say from what you descriebd, but it’s not a software issue, otherwise CS would never run.
You said it started happening after installing Win2k? I guess it could be that so try your old OS again for while.
Try gaming alone if you were doing multiplayer. When something goes wrong with the network, the HL engine just aborts, sometimes with a message, sometimes not.

Don’t bother replacing dlls, specially opengl32.dll.