Help! Working shader example plz!

I’ve been tring to find an example program in c/c++ that uses a shader that will:

  1. Compile
  2. Not crash
  3. Render the shader

I’ve got a Radeon 9800XT and the latest version of my drivers, the lastest version of OpenGL and GLUT.

I hate to be such a newbie, but I’ve had the worst luck in the world getting this to work.


Pretty much any recent GL demo on my site should match those criterias.

Hmmm, it sems that I may have a deeper issue. The first Demo would open a console window and output the message “OpenGL Shading Language extensions not avaliable”. Do any of you know what would cause this?

Thanx again,

Hmm, are you sure you got the latest drivers? What is the version reported in display properties->advanced->options?

This is the version I found: Packaging Version 7.90-030605m-009814C AMI

I downloaded these drivers from the ATI Website a month ago. This is also the same website that posts non-compiling example code(nobody’s perfect.)

thanx again,

That’s an old driver. Recent drivers begin with “8.0”. The last public drivers should be something like 8.04 or 8.05.

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