Graphics gards that support GLSL

What graphics cards currently support GLSL, of course with newest available drivers and how fast that card is (aproximately) while executing GLSL code? Is that possible that ALL cards supporting both ARB programs also (will) support GLSL?

All GeForce FX from 5200 and up support GLSL.
All Radeon from 9500 and up support GLSL.

The fastest, period, seems to be the GeForce 6800 Ultra. The GT is pretty snappy, too, and the LE is still no slouch.

Also, the Radeons 9500 and up are all reasonable on performance, as they accelerate full-precision float (24-bit, in this case). The X800s may match the GF 6800 series in performance depending on what you’re doing, but they can’t actually blend to floating point frame buffers, so they lose on features :slight_smile:

GeForce 6600, and maybe even 6200, are reasonable value choices. I would avoid the 5000 series, because GLSL gets compiled to 32-bit floats, which run like molasses on the 5000 series cards.

Visit GLView page and download GLView. This app have database with all known extensions and all known hw vendor and relation which card support some extension.
According to this database ARB_fragment_shader supports all NVidia FX, Quadro and newer, ATI 9500+ and X800, 3DLabs Wildcat Realizm.

ARB_vertex_shader supports all NVidia Quadro, GF2 and newer, ATI 9500+ and x800 and 3DLabs Wildcat Realizm.

For a full GLSL implementation you need both extensions (ARB_vertex_shader and ARB_fragment_shader) and right now you can use NVidia FX or newer, ATI 9500 or newer or 3DLabs Wildcat Realzm.


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