GPF in wglMakeCurrent()

Hi folks. I’m brand-spanking new to OpenGL, trying to gauge difficulty level. The suits want something “whiz-bang” on the splash screen.

I dl’ed NeHe’s tutorial #1 ( ) and ran the code in Visual Studio - it GPFs in DCIMAN32.DLL on the wglMakeCurrent() call. It’s pretty ugly, I get the old school 16-bit warning of errors and unstability then the 32-bit GPF notification. If I’m running from within VS it locks the entire system, forcing a reboot. Is there a common problem that I’m running into?

I’m running Win95 OSR2.5, IE5, VS6SP3, with a Diamond Viper Ultra TNT2.

And since I’m posting, I’ll ask opinions too - is OpenGL worth the trouble for “whiz-bang-ness” on a splash screen? I want something simple that I can do in a few days, adding as few new redistributable requirements as necessary. (my reason for looking into OpenGL before DirectDraw) Am I on the right track, or am I smoking crack?

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Could it be that GL doesn’t work so hot under Win95??

Be certain your making current a valid DC. That seems to be where your problem is.


I’ve checked both the device context and the rendering context immideately before the call to wglMakeCurrent(). Neither are NULL, and both contain the values returned from GetDC() and wglCreateContext(), respectively.

Well, I’ve crashed upon GL initialization before and it was due to an incompatible window style. Don’t know if this your problem, but you might want to check that.