Okay, not really a GLSL problem but it is preventing me from running GLSLValidate and hoping someone here may have seen this and be able to provide a solution.

I just grabbed the current version of GLSLValidate but when I run it, I get the following error message:

The procedure entry point __iob_func could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR70.dll
My machine should have the latest .NET runtimes installed.

Looks like someone compiled GLSLvalidate with ‘dynamic link’. It has nothing to do with .NET - msvcr70.dll is a C runtime library from Microsoft Visual Studio.
Simply google for this library, donwnload it and put into GLSLValidate directory.
You will probably need MSVCP70.dll, too.

Edit: Sorry - I seem to misread your post. I thought that application reports missing MSVCR70.dll.

Isn’t this symptomatic of a problem with the .NET runtime installation in general? It could be that you have a CTP build of .NET, maybe from the Express edition of VS? That would explain why you’re missing files, as I believe there was a problem with the original installation package. It’s said that a clean safemode reinstall can fix this, but short of that you might just try a total purge of the existing install and reinstall the (non-CTP/Beta) .NET 2.0 runtime (hopefully that will fix it). I haven’t encountered this problem personally; this is just based on numerous reports of similar problems I’ve stumbled on (you’re definitely not alone).

I got it to work. Version 7.0.9466.0 of the file did the trick.

k_szczech, you were right. Well, the file (MSVCR70.dll) might as well have been missing :slight_smile:

The procedure entry point __iob_func could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR70.dll

Yep. One of the reasons for being unable to locate entry point in the dll file could be the lack of dll file :smiley:
However, I believe we would just see the message that dll is missing (you first load a dll file before you will take any entry point from it).

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