Glslang on geforce3?

i have a geforce 3, shader version 1.1
but none of the glslang demos i run seem to work,
does glslang only suppor shader 2.0 model and above or what?

if any one has a link to a tutorial or reference on getting glslang up and working (code wise of course) on geforce 3, i would be a happy man :slight_smile:


glSlang is VS/PS2.0+, so your GF3 won’t do the job. You can however use (at least on a GF4) NV-Emulate to emulate a GeForceFX and then use glslang, but that would be painfully slow (1 or 2 FPS for a small FS). If you want NVEmulate, you’ll have to be a registered NV-Developer and you’ll also need a newer driver to use it (and the according “registry-hack” to make glslang available).

Originally posted by supagu:
does glslang only suppor shader 2.0 model and above or what?
It’s only nvidia that doesn’t support <2.0 shaders, at least it didn’t last time I checked. Should work ok when they officially release the 6x.xx drivers. Of course, only vertex shaders will be supported.

Note: I haven’t yet tested the leaked 60.72 drivers on preFX hardware.

All you can do is nvparse. With this lib you can easly setup combiners for “something like FP”. Combiners are still faster than FP.


You can also try CG hlsl but you’ll be limited instruction wise and need to watch out if you’re not over the limit. Glsl is for fragment/vertex programs which only nv gffx and ati 9600 and up cards support. Not sure what the deal is with arb vertex program on gf3/4. Probably hw accel. but nv ext docs don’t say so.

Yes, ARB_vertex_program is hardware accelerated on GeForce3/4 GPU’s.

GLSL will be supported on GeForce3/4 GPU’s, but only for vertex shaders.

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