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I only have a Radeon, but i need to know, how far the GLSL support on Geforce cards is. Does the Gf 5 / 6 support GLSL properly, yet?
And how about the Gf 5 Go? A friend said, that he installed the latest drivers on his laptop, but glSlang didn´t work for him. Is there a difference to the standard Gf 5?

And someone else said, even the Gf 4 would now support glSlang. I refuse to believe that, but maybe he meant software emulation.

Could someone give me some information about that?


Fragment shaders are supported only for gffx and 6800. Vertex shaders are done in software for gf1/2 and gf4mx cards and for rest are done in hardware. Not sure about laptop hw.

Don’t know about NV laptop cards, but if you want GLSL on the laptop the mobility 9600/9700/9800 cards supports it. I especially recommend the mobility 9800 since it’s built on X800 technology (despite the name), so it supports very long shaders, 3Dc etc and is very fast. :slight_smile:

Hello Jan,

GLSL support works also on FX go type laptop cards. The problem is that its a bit difficult (and non obvious) to install a driver on a laptop. You may want to visit laptopvideo2go and follow the instructions. I am not having any difficulties using glsl on my hp laptop with fx5600go graphics.

Good luck


I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 with a Mobility 9700, and for the moment, it does not support GLSL.

This might only be a graphic driver problem, but ATI does not provided laptop drivers, and I currently have the latest driver from Dell.

So I think you’d better get a Mobility 9800 to get GLSL support.

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