GLSL set up

I have a problems with setting up OpenGL extensions A have read tutorials about GLSL but as there is not explained how to set up functions like glCreateShader(), or so… I tried ton set it up but , everytime i got compiling error: glCreateShader,…,… are not defined,
or linking errors: undefined reference to …

Can you give me some advices how do you set it up.
(I use Qt libary/ c++/ windows / Dev-cpp compiler)

Use glew to ease your life.
Very simple to setup, see here for example :

I read and performed, but I still heve linging error : [Linker error] undefined reference to `_imp____GLEW_ARB_fragment_shader’ I tried to link libaries glew32.lib and glew32s.lib several ways and it did not show error that “libaries was not find” so I think it was added can you tell me what’s wrong?

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