GLSL fragment/pixel shader to collaborate

Hello all

I am an interactive/graphic designer with no experience of code whatsoever (yup, an inferior human in many ways to the average user of such a forum). Currently I’m working on a project positioned as a critique of digitalised music and the homogenous visual databases such as Itunes and Spotify, which have come to monopolise our storage of it. Research has lead me to the open source project, VizKit from Imagomat as devised by Heiko Wichmann, which concerns itself with personalised Itunes visualizers. I was hoping to find somebody enthusiastic about a collaborative effort to implement an animated illustration which degrades or mutilates the embedded artwork in Itunes as either a visualizer or ideally within the now playing artwork window. I hope the story board and mock-up below are more effective than my words in explaining this. It will probably involve implementation of a GLSL pixel / fragment shader using the VizKit framework. Even just to initiate dialogue with somebody from this forum about what is possible here would be encouraging as the code portion involved in realising this project seems to taunt me like kicking a football in a straight line used to. The issue is that I care about this, I couldn’t say the same about the dumb ball.

Sincerely grateful for any response at all here

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