GLSL_EXT_ray_tracing and multiview stereo


I am implementing multiview stereo in our engine. I did it successfully in the rasterization part. Now I have to tackle the raytracing part, which has glsl rt shaders. I get

ERROR: raytrace.rchit:270: 'gl_ViewIndex' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: raytrace.rchit:270: '' : compilation terminated
ERROR: 2 compilation errors.  No code generated.

So I started sniffing around in the only to find that there is no mention of multiview stereo. We do not really plan to use the raytracing in VR headsets, but since the render targets are shared with the rasterization part, this means that they are array images and I have to provide the third coordinate to specify the image layer even in the raytracing shaders. I suppose that I will hardcode it to 0 for now, but just out of curiosity, will the GL_EXT_multiview be supported in the raytracing shaders? To be precise, we still use the NV raytracing, but I took the liberty to assume that the multiview stereo is not available even in the brand new GLSL_EXT_ray_tracing… or am I mistaken here?

Milan Stezka

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