glPushAttrib()/glPopAttrib() and uniforms

i tried glPushAttrib() with GL_CURRENT_BIT and GL_ENABLE_BIT to push and pop shader programs. it works fine with nvidia 61.12 forceware drivers. but this does not work with bound uniforms to the programs. will there be a way to get this work or is it normal, that it does not work? the spec doesn’t say anything about glPush/PopAttrib.

thx :wink:

The answer to this lies in chapter 2.17 of the shader objects spec.
It describes the necessary state to implement program objects and the uniform values are not part of it.

got it working (was a stupid mistake). can anyone try this on a ATi implementation? with nvidia it works to push/pop programs with their bound uniform values (and yes, they were in the same location :wink: ).

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