Hello again,

I see in Khronos a glFX but… where can I download it, pls?
Does it include shader precompilation, multi passes support and piece/“fragments” linking like DX’s fxc?



This is part of OpenGL Long Peak joke. I has been announce a Siggraph 2007 and if OpenCL is on fast track, glFX really isn’t.

Anyway with ColladaFX, I don’t see the clue of it. But I would see clue on ColladaFX improvements. Precompiled shader are not part of glFX or ColladaFX.

glFX is something that Khronos is playing with, but we have seen no public progress on it. In short, it’s the most vaporous of vaporware.

But it was never part of Longs Peak; it was always a separate project.

No part of the Joke, not Long Peak

Ahhh! I figured :smiley:
Ok so the idea is: continue using the old GLSL as before and forget glFX.

glFX should be similar to Direct3D effect files (.fx) where you can define multiple passes and (the best) fallback techniques if this or that feature is not supported. OpenGL has no such effect functionality atm.

Doesn’t sound like something you can’t implement yourself.

Why do it yourself when you can get someone else to do it for you?


Because “someone else” won’t be doing it for you :frowning:

Talking about this, I just noticed that the glFX url on Khronos website leads to an error 404.

The reference to the glFX working group quoted by a Google search on ‘glFX’ has also disappeared from the real Khronos page.

Is this workgroup still existing/planned ? anyone ?

thanks for the update. its a 404 indeed. dont know any details except that i probably have to code one myself then.

Why not use Collada ? Oo

I never see any point in glFX because of Collada. glFX gone? Well good news to me. I prefer Khronos group working on OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL :wink:

Why not use Collada ? Oo
I never see any point in glFX because of Collada…
Collada/ColladaFX is the file format. glFX is the API that could be used to implement ColladaFX in your app.

I have to support Collada in my application, and implementing ColladaFX is not that easy - I’d rather spend the time on other features.
So should I start implementing my own API, or should I wait for glFX? A status update from Khronos would be nice. Though knowing Khronos - this is unlikely to happen.

Start you own API, it’s not going to happen. Use CgFX?

CgFX with OpenGL is slow in my experience. too many glGet() calls.
start your own API and maybe share? :slight_smile:
im using this atm, though i found some bugs in the latest version.

I know of gleffect - I think it used to be the semi-official implementation of glfx, but it hasn’t been updated for almost 2 years - since the time Khronos took over glFX. It’s still better than starting from scratch.
There is also the ATI COLLADA OpenGL Effects Viewer which is open-source. Seeing how deep burried it is in the ATI/AMD developer site - it is not actively developed too, and it’s an application built on top of Open Inventor, not an API.
cgFx is not that great on non-NVidia hardware - IIRC it converts the shaders to assembly instead of glsl?
The COLLADA Overview from Siggraph Asia mentions the “AMD SushiFX effects system” - has anyone heard of that?

If you want to start a FX library, have a look on Ogre one. I didn’t used it so far but a guy show me the feature which compare to Direct3D FX stuff was a lot better to me with a LOD system and some materials stuffs. It’s been a while so excuse me for the lack of accuracy on this :slight_smile:

“IIRC it converts the shaders to assembly instead of glsl”
havent heard of that. you can choose any profile if im correct. i dropped it as soon as it was getting slow.

“but it hasn’t been updated for almost 2 years”
GLeffect is old yes but as you say, better then starting from scratch. i basically removed everything not related to shaders keeping it solely for effects and changed it to better match the Direct3D FX extension. till now it works alright also renderstates are put into lists which is not too much API overhead. guess i will improve and spend some time with it till something else shows up and keep an eye on this thread.

SushiFX? o.O
Never heard about that. I know ATI AshliFX that work with GLSL and HLSL but it’s quite old (last update it’s on 2005) and it’s in the deprecated section of the ATI site. :frowning:
Maybe the SushiFX is an improved version.

The bad news is that without an official metalanguage it’s impossible to create a standard interface with DCC program… I’m developing a GLSL shader for Maya but I’m stuck choosing of the meta language to support.
Collada is too complex for a so little task and maybe is better to expand the feeling software Maya-plugin to support GLSL (actually export a lot of the Collada stuff and cgFX shader). And then I have to support all the collada architecture in my program… I’m not happy with that.
Gleffect it’s not official, and without any official document anyone can add it’s dialect and it became a caos.
Ashli shaders are deprecated.

I have read about the Ogre FX system, somebody can point me a link? Thanks.

ps: you can fine the “ATI COLLADA OpenGL effect Viewer” in the openSceneGraph sample directory. :wink:

ATI already prepared sushis back in 2001, but I suppose it’s something else…
Sushi Engine