I seem to be getting this error in my code. I know my graphics card is good for opengl version 4.3 . So what am I missing here?

error C3861: ‘glBindImageTexture’: identifier not found

GLuint myid;

glBindImageTexture(0, myid,0,GL_FALSE,0,GL_READ_WRITE,GL_RGBA32F);

thank you

On Windows, opengl32.dll only exports the functions which are part of the OpenGL 1.1 API. For functions which were added in later versions or in extensions, you must use wglGetProcAddress() to obtain a pointer to the function (or use a library such as GLEW to do this for you).

right on. thanks

just to clarify a little bit:
glew.h was included but glBindImageTexture() didn’t exist, glBindImageTextureEXT did!