Glaux.h - everlasting search

I’ve been searching for this glaux.h header for about 10 days now, and I cant find one single damn copy of it. My DEVc++ library only contains gl.h and glu.h. I didnt really care because i needed to set up my main system first, and that needed some time, but now im at the point where I need textures on my quads and i can blink no more. Somehow every OpenGl example code i stumble across needs this header file, but it’s nowhere to be found. Some people are telling me that this file is somehow corrupted, even nehe@gamedev has replacement code for glaux, but unfortunately this code does not work, at least not for my compiler.

I’ve already searched in the OpenGL forums and the main site. I had no results which helped me. I do have an openGL.dll but this does not really help me. I simply need the C++ header file. I would be very pleased if someone could give me a link to it. Thank you.

First, glaux is obsolete.

If you still need for previous projects that require glaux.h, Get it from here: glaux.h .

It comes with Dev-C++. (I don’t remember that I installed additional package later)


Thank you very much!