GL_ARB.... extension compatibility (Resolved)

First time post. I’m stumped.
Could someone enlighten me as to weather or not
a person is able to use the ARB extension components
of GL_ARB_shading_language_100 for certain rendering
operations and also the GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object
extension, or is this a dead end road.
Presently, I am not attempting to use these in
conjunction with one another for a single object, just within the same frame.

OS : WinME
gfx card : Radeon 9500 pro x86/SSE
driver :
openGL version : 1.5.4199 win9x release

I ask this because, I have succeeded in implementing both.
If I turn off one or the other
during initialization, the code runs as expected.
But, if both are active at the same time the application
causes and error in the driver.
I’m suspecting an issue when generating a buffer
name just before the initial bind of the vertex
buffer object. I’m having difficulty locating
documentation on the uses of glGenBuffersARB().
Then again, who knows?


I am pretty certain that combination should cause you no problems. Are you sure you are not generating any OpenGL errors? (Tried with full debug mode?)

Perhaps the win9x drivers are not tested as much?

There is not much to go on. Can you provide a demo(preferred) or source?

Well I didn’t get any GL errors or crashes on my Geforce6 under winXP. Perhaps someone with an ATI can test?

(I just ran the demo, there was no special key presses to toggle the different rendering modes was there?)

Radeon 9800 Pro;WinXP;Catalyst 5.1;
I also just ran the demo. All I saw was normal-mapped stone floor(rather simple scene-should there be anything else?). No crashes, no errors, everything seems to be fine…

Dunno about your Radeon (or your app - didn’t try), but I’m using VBO and shaders together no problems on a 6800GT, XP and 71.80 drivers.

Thank you all very much.
Reading the description on the VBO extension at
made me wonder if incompatibility was the case.
I’ll keep pokin’ around until I realize what they
mean by “…effects the extension”.
First lets take a closer look at the GLIntercept. :slight_smile:

Good Day all.

calling glBindBufferARB(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_ARB, NULL) after using the VBO
and before entering the vert and frag shader section seems to do the trick.
It was my understanding that the proper method was to enable/disableClientState
for the vertex attributes being used. hmmmm…
I am unsure if what I have done is proper but it’s working now.

Special thanks to GLIntecept helping me approach the problem from a different point of view.

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