GeForce2 vs Riva TNT

Hi, EveryBody.
does anyone know the differences between Geforce2 and Riva TNT…I have run my 3D application with Riva TNT, it works perfectly, but when I run it with Geforce2 in different computer, only some of my 3D graphs are working,and some 3D graphs did not show up.Does it means that Geforce2 does not support OpenGL? But it is still displaying some 3D graphs. I am really confused… does anyone know why? Please help… Thank you very much…

wrong forum man.


I’m in a middle of the same problem here:
I have made a cool 3D demo/engine, which works fine on my voodoo3, but it totally crashes on GeForce2. I think there are lots of things that have to be done in a different way on different cards, becouse they dont support same things, and that’s the part of developping that I really hate.

Still, GeForce2 supports openGL, as almost every card.

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