Float textures(16bits) in fragment shader


I am trying to use a 2D floating point texture on my GF6600(drivers 76.41 beta). When using the GL_RGBA32F_ARB format, my fragment shader outputs black only, I’ve been careful about specifying GL_NEAREST in my texture parameters as linear interpolation isn’t supported by the hardware for 32 bits floats.
So I deduced that fragment shaders don’t seem to support 32bits floats(anyone to confirm this?).

I am trying to specify it as a 16 bit float texture but is there a library or else for making the conversion?

Anyone knows where to find the spec of nvidia 16 bit floats?(ARB_texture_float specifies two possibilities)

Thanks in advance, Jeff.

Fragment shader supports 32bit float textures in NV_float_buffer format. So I think the ATI format too. You must do something wrong.

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