Disable glsl nvidia extensions under linux


How can I disable the nvidia extensions in the shaders? #extension all : disable isn’t working. NVemulate is a windows so it isn’t working under linux. Is there no chance to disable all this annoying nvidia extensions to write easily portable code?

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That is a good question. I ran into this on windows. Even by using their manual disabling method, their compiler was still more “lax” than the ATI one. I ended up having to install an ATI card and test that way. At GDC, I actually got somewhat irritated and told their guys about this one, so hopefully they’ll make their stuff do strict type-checking. All of that auto-type-casting and non-square matrices are definitely not part of the GLSL spec! :frowning:

Not sure if it helps, but 3D Labs has GLSLvalidate and GLSLparserTest that check strict conformance to the spec :

I use these tools for a long time, and it’s the only way to make portable code. I have no problems until I run every shader thougth Validate tool. If you develop under linux or something else, you have to make your own validate tool( fortunately 3Dlabs provide their compiler(validater) with source).

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