Could you please let me know how we can work on texture mapping in c#?


I am new to opengl and have been following tutorials on internet few weeks but now i am stuck in texture mapping and not understanding how it works in C#.

I am not seeing any helpful tutorial or video’s on internet which tells you how we can do texture mapping in c#?
How we need to begin and what and how we need to add references or set up the window to the project?

Uptill now i have worked on triangles and quads coloring, 2d/3d, rotating.

I have created a quad and now i want to fill the texture of quads with the box texture image that i have downloaded from internet.

Could you please help me with the above information or link to start it of? Plss… plsss… plsss…

I would really appreciate your help.

looking forward for your reply.

Thanks in advance!

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